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What's NinjaTooken?

NinjaTooken is a ninja playable FPS multiplayer games. Nay, Ninja Tooken is THE only ninja FPS. Inspired by manga, NinjaTooken will put yourself in the shoes of a ninja, that you can evolve according to your desires. Classes, weapons, skills, abilities, you can choose your way. Playable directly from your favorite browser (Firefox, Chrome, Opera, Christopher Columbus, Safari, and even Internet Explorer), NinjaTooken is in full 3D and works with most computers (mine is 5 years old and it's ok).

Why subscribing?

You can play without subscribing, but what you've done will not be saved.

Do we have to pay for playing?

NO, absolutely not! Ninja Tooken is a FREE game, and it is just necessary to register (but that is also free)! We do not obviously accept the donations... To pay the servers of Ninja Tooken, we are using the advertising on the site.
- Sure, today it is free, but in a month we will have to pay, it is the Global Financial Crisis, isn't it ?
- But I have already said that ! Ninja Tooken is free and will stay free for ever! No worries about this, so stop annoying me !

Who are you, and why this game?

We are a team of passionate persons: students, professionals, or simple newbies !
This game allows to express our skills, to develop them, but also and especially to please us.

When can we have the next versions?

Unfortunately the time is what gives out: we work during our spare time without schedule and above all for the pleasure.
And as the creation of a video game takes a lot of time, it is impossible to us to give another answer than: "When it's done" !

What can I do to help you?

It's very easy: speak about Ninja Tooken around you! In your MSN nickname, on your site, your blog, facebook, Twitter... Even a small adress! That's it. It is perfect for a partner link, for MSN or facebook. As you like it!